About Ellen

Hello!  I’m glad you are visiting my website and blog.  My name is Ellen Olson.  I live in North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area).  I’m wife to Gary, mom to two young men, Eric and Kevin, and to two pets, dog Cash and cat Scout.  I’ve been fortunate to work as a stay-at-home mom for the last 17 years and am thankful for the blessing of being with my kids every day.  As one has gone to college (Oklahoma State – Go Pokes!), and the other will start college soon, my daily “mom” duties are dwindling.  Oh, the worrying part has not dwindled.  That part never stops, does it?   The good thing about this transition is that I now have the opportunity to further dive into my passion for mosaics.

About seven years ago, I was looking at a home and gardening magazine that featured a woman who took very large PVC pipes and adhered ceramic tiles to them.  She put them in her garden.  I was so taken with them that I went to the library and studied up on mosaics.  I was immediately attracted to the pique assiette style of mosaic.  Pique assiette is a French term which (loosely) means plate stealer or stolen plate.  In this style of mosaic, the artist uses plates, cups, ceramics of all sorts, buttons, jewelry, tile, any found objects, and arranges them in a new piece.  It might be a vase, frame or anything that one can imagine.  Over the years, I have also explored other materials and now also enjoy working with stained glass and tiles of various sorts.  I really enjoy blending the old and new materials.  Many of my pieces will include stained glass along with broken china.  I most enjoy making mosaic items for the garden – stepping stones, birdbaths, animals, plant pots.  Indoor mosaics I enjoy making are crosses, frames and mirrors.  Small mosaic work I do is on jewelry, mainly pendants.

In my blog, I plan to share with you what I’m working on, whether it’s a piece for myself or a piece that I will be selling. I will post from time to time about an amazing mosaic artist that whose work I think you might enjoy.  I’ll also keep you informed of any workshops I host.  My blog won’t be all about mosaics though.  As I get older, I have LOTS of thoughts on things, and I just might “bend your ear” a little, and share some of those thoughts with you.

Oh, and last but not least, I also enjoy photography, although I haven’t been too active lately, photographically speaking.  But a while back (3 years ago-gosh!), I completed a 365 photo project – a photo a day for a year, and I blogged it.  I’m including a tab on this blog for that project, in case you want to check out some of my photos.

Thanks for reading about me, and I hope you enjoy your visits to my blog!

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